Tours & Research Appointments

The Texas Fashion Collection's facilities are divided into two areas: a research space for object-based learning and small lectures and collection storage, where nearly 20,000 objects are housed. While the research space can accommodate up to twenty people, only groups of ten or fewer can be safely brought into collection storage. Please note that the TFC does not have permanent exhibition space or regular gallery hours, so all tours and research appointments require advance planning.


The TFC is available by appointment only for tours and research appointments, which can be scheduled between 8:30am-5pm Monday-Friday. As per the University of North Texas System, offices are closed during federal, state, and university holidays, which can be found here

To protect the objects in the collection, please plan for your tour or appointment in the following ways:

  • Bring a pencil, notepad, camera, and/or smartphone to take notes during your visit. Pens, markers, and flash photography are not allowed.
  • Leave backpacks, large purses, food, and beverages at home or in the TFC's reception area.
  • For research appiontments, dress in a manner that will not damage the objects. Consider how your clothing, cosmetics, or accessories might snag or transfer onto objects.


At least two weeks in advance, contact TFC staff by sending an email or calling 940-565-2732. Please share the name of your group, the number of people in attendance, and the purpose of your visit. Tours on specific subjects are available for a small fee.  If your group is larger than twenty people, we request that split the tour into two times. Tours usually last between twenty and sixty minutes, depending on the group.

Research Appointments

At least one week in advance, contact TFC Director Annette Becker at Include the research question you are posing, the outcome of the research (class assignment, publication, lecture), and two times that you are available. TFC staff will work with you to select objects for study and create a bibliography of reference materials to supplement your object-based study. Appointments usually last between one and two hours. Though only a limited number of objects can be consulted during an appointment, a portion of the collection is available online through the TFC Digital Library.